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Barrow Value Opportunity Fund
Product Information Description
Fact Sheet Quarterly update on key fund information
Prospectus Important information about the Fund
Statement of Additional Information
Annual Report
Semi-Annual Report
Addtional information about the Fund
General Application (non-IRA)
IRA Application
ROTH IRA Application
Fund Applications
Value Added Description
Advisor Insights Playing the Second Half of the Business Cycle with Defensive Equities
Barrow Commentary Quarterly Commentary on the Funds
Barrow Report Barrow Funds' Quality Meets Value Report
Dashboard Our Latest Thoughts on the Market
Takeover Timeline Fund Holdings Targeted for M&A Activity

XBRL File: eXtensible Business Reporting Language. The XBRL files available here can only be read with special viewer software. Additional information on the XBRL language and a free version of the viewer software is available on the SEC's website at xbrl.sec.gov. Please note that the XBRL file does not include all of the information contained in the Prospectus or Summary Prospectus. To access the full text of a Prospectus, click on the link for each fund in the columns above.

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